Jenni is an artist with a background in film. She has already made a career as a director, art director and cinematographer by making multiple acclaimed commercials and music videos. As curiosity drives her, the mediums have varied and the knowledge expanded throughout her life: she has painted, done photography, films, ceramics and written poetry to mention a few. Curiosity is her driving force.
Art and expressing creativity is an essence for her. She sees the world through surrealism, mysticism, human body and the subconscious human mind – that elusive and fascinating mind with all of its complications and yet unknown possibilities. In addition to this she is interested in exploring the human connection with another human and the connection to oneself. 
Currently she is widening her expertise with the studies of smart and sustainable design in ceramics & glass. Currently she is exploring the chemistry of glazes to find the right colors, forms and textures to her work. Aesthetically, strong pastel colors often in the shades of red and blue combined to organic shapes and designs define her work well.
During the past seven years she has been building a multidisciplinary production studio Veli and worked mainly as a director and art director. During the past nine years she has gained her experience on working with commercials, artist promo pictures, music videos, short films, art films, fiction tv-series, documentaries and print. She has worked with clients such as Arabia, Iittala, Flow Festival, Universal Music, Volkswagen, Love & Anarchy Film Festival and Finnair, and awarded Junior of the year at Vuodet Huiput, Gold Award at ADC’E and three Silver awards at Vuodet Huiput.

2019 Silver award - Vuoden Huiput / Best Finnish Creative Design  (Love & Anarchy - Hiljaa Hyväksyn - writer, director, art director)

2018 Junior of the year - Vuoden huiput / Best Finnish Creative Design

2017 Gold award - Young European Creatives / ADC'E The Best of European Design (Iittala & Arabia Design Museum, Cinematographer)

2016 Silver award - Vuoden huiput / Best Finnish Creative Design - Young creatives (Iittala & Arabia Design Museum, Cinematographer)

2015 Silver award - Vuoden huiput / Best Finnish Creative Design - Young creatives ( Flow TV, Cinematographer)

Suomen Lasimuseo 2021 (group)
Valkoinen Sali 2017 (solo)
Le Petit Chaperon rouge 2017 (solo)